FaceEver heard of the Sinclair Spectrum 128K?

Yes, it was that long ago that I started coding.

Back in the day when computing was a novelty, high density diskettes stored one whole megabyte, and playing tetris on a grey LCD screen was all the rage at school, I was hacking away my running shooter game in BASIC just because it was fun.

Fast forward to today and I’ve had the opportunity to work and consult in various industries, from banking to travel, from markets to media, from insurance to environment.

I’ve also made use of different technologies in this journey. From windows development to web development, from reporting to data warehousing, from data pipe-lining to graphics programming and many others in-between.

Today, I specialize in Data Architecture on the Microsoft Data Platform.

Tomorrow? Who knows.

In the mean time, I’m building Full Spectrum Developer as a resource to help you in your own path, the same way many other bloggers have helped me on my own.